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"In times where it's all about quick results, sustainable brand communication is essential for long-term success."

Estelle Valerie

Sustainable brand communication
in 4 steps


Brand definition

  • Brand: Who are we?
  • Target group: Who are our customers?
  • USP: What is our unique selling proposition?

Brand development

  • Corporate Language: How do we speak?
  • Corporate Identity: What do we look like?
  • Customer Journey: Where do we meet our customers?

Brand communication

  • Type of communication: How do we communicate?
  • Communication channels: Where do we communicate?
  • Assets: What do we communicate with?

Brand management

  • Marketing strategy: continuous communication of brand values
  • Public Relations: sustainable development and maintenance of relevant media network
  • CRM: mindful customer care to turn customers into fans of the brand

Brand communication:

building up brand awareness in the minds of the customers and making them sustainably enthusiastic for it


an impact that lasts over time

Let's build up a brand together that creates sustainable enthusiasm!

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Hello you! I am Estelle Valerie and right to begin with, I am not French, but half German and half Dutch. That already brings me to my topic, my love for languages and communication was practically laid in my cradle, as I grew up trilingual - my mother is Dutch, my father German and at school we only spoke English. As a fourth language, I learned French which followed at school age. I spent most of my life in the wonderful city of Munich, and I would be very reluctant to choose another place to live, because Munich combines my two favourite worlds: the city life and nature.

I have been working in the PR and communications industry for almost 10 years now and would never want to do anything else, because I simply love to communicate about everything. You could say that with PR and me, it was love at first sight.

In 2014 I decided to do an internship at the renowned fashion and lifestyle PR agency Schoeller & von Rehlingen PR alongside my dual studies. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed the buzz! After four years there, I decided to do another dual degree and started working as a freelance PR consultant in the food and lifestyle sector.

This was followed by two super exciting years at the sustainable start-up everdrop. The experiences I gained there were essential for my further career path, because it was there where I realized that my passion is to communicate about products that have a true impact. Products that have a vision and try to rethink old familiar approaches in a more sustainable way. Whether that's sustainable lifestyle products, organic skincare, or plant-based nutrition, I love writing and communicating about products that are part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem! To become a part of that solution, I decided to launch Estelle Valerie Communication in fall 2021. My big goal in doing so is to use my love for communication, as well as my well-established media network, to help brands that make a true impact gain more exposure and awareness. But in particular, it is important to me that with my work I communicate sustainably, because in times where it's all about quick results, sustainable communication is essential for long-term success.

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  • Development of a PR and communication strategy
  • Definition of communication channels and target media
  • Establishment and maintenance of the relevant media network

Public relations

  • Creation and dispatch of press mailings
  • Tracking and monitoring of publications
  • Planning and coordination of press events


  • Development of a corporate language
  • Creation of texts for various target media
  • Revision of texts in German, Dutch and English

Client focus

Mindful brands with sustainable values




"Estelle is incredibly talented and passionate about her work. We have worked with her for a few years now and can not praise her enough for her commitment, execution and work ethic. Her communication skills never fail, and the results always live up to our expectations. We have been featured in a range of publications, including Elle, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar. We would highly recommend Estelle to any brand looking to get their brand out there!"

Alioune Ndione - Head of Marketing, Avant Skincare, Flânerie & Sentier

"We have found a very professional partner for our PR in Estelle. Her know-how, her flexibility as well as her good network have lifted our PR activities to the next level. She works highly conscientiously and has a great beauty expertise. We can highly recommend a collaboration."

Petra Jezik - Head of Social Media & Content Marketing, Beautymates

"Through Estelle's long-term expertise in PR, it was possible that within a couple of months Lini's Bites has already been included in many popular and relevant magazines, both online and print. Her passion for PR is not only reflected in the features she has achieved, but also in the pleasant collaboration, which we greatly appreciate."

Helena Zurow - Online Marketing, Lini’s Bites

"Commitment to sustainable brands and special know-how in the beauty media landscape characterize Estelle's press work, as well as her attention to detail and accuracy. Estelle has contributed a lot to the awareness and visibility of our brand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the reliable, dedicated and competent collaboration!"

Kristin Lauer - Head of PR & Communications, nkm Naturkosmetik München

"Estelle has managed to get us on everyone's lips in a very short time - thank you for that. Articles in the most prestigious magazines and major platforms have given our business a big push."

Timon Beutel - Founder, StrollMe

"When we were looking for a partner for PR, it was important to us that the cooperation takes place in a proactive and personal exchange, that someone with heart and soul and new perspectives supports us in raising the profile of ZOÉ LU in the appropriate environments. We've been working with Estelle for two years now and really appreciate her work and collaboration."

Larissa Walter & Ulrike Heintz - Founders, ZOÉ LU

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